The Finale

The final day of our adventure took us to the Sauer/Beckman farm which is located on the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, Texas.  It is an 1870’s working farm complete with plenty of things from the past to amaze and disgust us along side farm animals including a really cute calf and four little piglets.  We then drove the few miles to Fredericksburg and visited the Pioneer Museum.  We toured the village of historical homes including a country school house.  A man who actually attended the school eighty years ago shared his experiences with our group.  We also learned the way that nineteenth century farmers made rope.  It was a busy, busy morning!

And, in the afternoon, we made it back to Dallas and our loved ones!

Thank you to all of our amazing students whose knowledge and demeanor impressed every person they encountered along the road!  Thank you to Mr. Peacock and Ms. Vega who loved our trip and the many interesting things along the way as much as I did!  And thank you to Lakehill for supporting our opportunities to experience history first hand!

Students’ Views from the Road

At the Institute of Texan Cultures

Dear Blog Readers,

Charlotte, Leah and Julia’s favorite part of today was going to the Mexican Market! It was so full of culture! It even made me (Julia) say that some of the stuff was a lot like the stuff in the states, but cheaper. We ARE in the states though! I felt like we were in Mexico…silly me.  We all liked the things there, and thought that they were unique. – Julia Barthalow, Leah Hawthorne and Charlotte Bond


Today we experienced a once in a life time look at the Travis letter that most of our parent haven’t seen.  It was crazy how we were standing there in The Alamo, where so many people had lost their life for our independence. Before we went to the Alamo, we went to see a movie about the Alamo, it was really cool because it was in IMAX and it described what happened at the Alamo very well.   – Kate Langley, Ella Moxcey, Heather Hines and Elizabeth Motes


Our favorite things today were the Mexican Market and the Alamo because it was cool to see the document.  Maya especially liked the Institute of Texan Cultures.  Piper really liked the dome video because she liked the way it was all around the walls.  Tyler liked the IMAX movie because she thought it was cool to see what really happens – Piper Munro, Tyler McCall, Maya Desai and Lauren Smith-Morris


Favs of the Day

Drew: My favorite part was seeing the letter

Luke: I also enjoyed seeing the letter

Andrew: Along with them I enjoyed the letter


We had a good time the whole time bur our favorites were lunch, the movie, and the Mexican shopping place. Lunch we got to pick a restaurant and talk with our friends.  The movie was cool and interesting.  The market had a whole bunch of neat stuff.   -Greg Gillman, Braden Burt and Ben Gillman


Today there was a lot of walking bit it was still a very exciting day.  We got up at 7 and left at 8 to go to the IMAX to watch an Alamo movie.  We then went to the Alamo and look at the long barracks.  Then we went to the Alamo where I got a sticker and a button.  Lola got a cup.  Then we went into the Alamo and looked at the letter that William B. Travis wrote with the ending VICTORY OR DEATH! Then we walked to the mall to eat lunch.  I got Chinese food and a blizzard from DQ. Lola got chicken and some Fanta.  After that we walked to the Hemisphere Park and looked at the tower with the fast elevator.  Then we went to the Institute of Texan Cultures.  That was my favorite.  We then went to the Mexican market.  That was super fun.  I actually think that was my favorite, I got a bunch of bracelets. It was Lola’s favorite too.  Then we came back to the hotel, it was a very fun day!!!! – Lola Bond  and Vanya Suchan

Our favorite part of today was the IMAX movie The Alamo – price of freedom.  It was sad bit it was realistic.  Today was the best day, it was fun walking around town.   – Georgia Ferguson,  Stephanie Davis, Emma Cowsert and Laura Wildman


We all liked the IMAX the best.  The video was very cool and we now have a better understanding of what happened at the Alamo. – Ben Palmer, Eli Buxt and Connor Alexander


Today we went to the IMAX theatre and we saw a movie about the Alamo.  After  that we went to actual Alamo itself.  Inside we saw original, famous William B. Travis’ letter, Victory  or Death! – Evyn Greene, Macy Ellis, Madison Cunningham and Isa Bruner


I enjoyed looking at William B. Travis’ letter, I also liked the video about the Alamo that we saw at the IMAX  and the Institute of Texan Cultures.  But, my favorite was the Mexican market.  I had a lot of fun on this trip and I am sad that it ends tomorrow.  I had a lot of fun though. – Katie Anne Eastus

My favorite thing today was the Alamo because your actually standing on a big piece of time in history.  I really liked seeing the William B. Travis letter.  I had a really cool day. –Ava Rheams

I loved the Mexican market and I got a lot of things there.  I also liked the letter by William B. Travis because who else gets to see it. The IMAX was really cool it actually looked like the battle.  The Institute of Texan Culture was really cool because their was a whole section on Italian and I am half Italian so it was really cool. – Montgomery Rotellini

The Alamo was amazing.  I feel blessed that got to see William B Travis’ letter.  It was so cool.  The Mexican Market was really awesome.  I bought some glass animals, which is good because I collect those.  For lunch, we went to the food court.  I was in a group with Elizabeth and Kate. I had pizza and fro-yo, and I hope to go to San Antonio again soon. – Lily Booth


These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

At Presidio La Bahia

USS Lexington in the background

Stingray pool

Under the dolphin pool

This was our poll question after Tuesday’s dinner:  What was your favorite moment of the day?  Here are the results!

In first place is our visit to the Texas State Aquarium.  From the fun and splash filled dolphin show to the opportunity to pet the stingrays, we loved the hands on aspect of the aquarium.  We also want to give a nod to the aquarium gift shop for being the most popular shopping experience so far.  I know that we have acquired numerous stuffed friends and other momentos of our visit.

Coming in a close second is the tour of the USS Lexington.  We explored the ship from the engine room to the bridge and marveled at the close knit quarters and the precision needed to land a jet on that deck.

In third place is Presidio La Bahia.  We loved running around the fort in the gusty winds and really appreciated the demonstration by their historical interpreter of how a soldier loaded and fired a flintlock musket.

Receiving honorable mention is the pie we had for dessert tonight.  Sometimes the simplest things can make your day!

From the pen of Lily Booth:

So far, the Texas trip has been great. The state capitol was amazing and is one of my favorite places on the trip right now.  La Bahia was really cool, too, and my favorite part of the fort was when the man shot his gun.  When I saw that, I thought that this was probably something that I won’t see again at least for a while.  Also when we explored La Bahia, I thought that the story about the massacre was sad but neat to hear about.  At lunch, we went to Whataburger.  It was great.  That was the first time I’ve ever been to Whataburger and it was really good.  The aquarium was awesome. We got to pet sharks, stingrays, and tidepool critters.  All of the kids freaked out when they saw the spiders and snakes from the Amazon.  It was cool to see all of the different jellyfish.  The U.S.S. Lexington was really fun.  I liked going to see where sailors slept and going to look at the different planes on deck.  I can’t wait to see the Alamo!

Monday, Monday

Texas State CapitolCapitol Visitors' Center

Capitol Visitors’ Center

Bob Bullock Texas State History MuseumTexas Ranger Hall of FameThe bus arrived on time and we were on the road in time to get to our first, second, third and fourth stops of the day.  Amazing!

Our first stop was in Waco at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, which is a small museum dedicated to this uniquely Texan law enforcement group.  From weaponry to early 20th century CSI tools, we enjoyed the exhibits from start to finish.

We drove on to Austin where we toured the historical bounty at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.  While everyone found their favorite things, we all enjoyed the show in the Spirit Theater, lunch at the Spirit of Texas Cafe, and our visit to our first gift shop of the week.  Souvenirs!  Truly, there was so much to see that we did not get the chance to see it all and we wished we had a little more time to see some more.

We walked to the State Capitol where we were met by a music festival on the steps of the building.  Once inside, we saw everything we could.  Some areas were off limits to tours since the legislature is in session.  We moved next to the visitors’ center where we practiced our surveying skills and learned more about .capitol building and the goddess of liberty who sits atop the capitol.

After our visit to Austin, we drove straightaway to our hotel in San Antonio where we unloaded our bags, washed our hands, and headed to a nearby Chili’s to feast and laugh about the fun of the day.  Food and Fun!

At the end of the day, we have received four separate compliments for the outstanding behavior and ready knowledge that our group has displayed.  Now to sleep and dream of what tomorrow will bring…..